Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gimme some skin, part 1

This post will be pretty short and sweet. The photos tell most of the story, anyway.

Planking is underway. Momentum has gathered and I really feel like I'm making progress. A couple of notes on the spiling methodology. I am not using the traditional method of swinging arcs with a compass onto a spiling batten. I have opted for the use of a template for each plank section. The permanent frames are spaced widely enough that I was concerned about the lack of data points in the middle part of the boat. I also want to minimize the possibilities for error (and extra materials) during this phase.

The first photo shows the aft halves of the garboard hung on the set-up with the gains already cut for the broadstrake. All of the planking fasteners are temporary. They will be removed, and the holes will be filled as I progress. More on that later.

Second and third photos show the templating method for the forward half of the garboard. I am templating one side of the boat, fitting the plank section dry, and tracing it for the opposite side. So far, so good for symmetry. Note the ice picks doing a great job of holding things where I want them. Nails would work, but I don't want to be banging too much on the set-up. I can't stress enough how handy the ice picks are.

As I said, most of the info for this phase is in the photos.

Next posting will cover scarphing, glue-ups, and bevelling.