Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gimme some skin, part 2

Not much to say here. I finished planking yesterday morning before work. I did some miscellaneous clean-up stuff and dismantled the set-up this afternoon. She's ready to come down from the loft.

Seeing her in the flesh, without all of the bracing and temporary molds made my heart go pitter-pat. What can I say? I get worked up over little things.

As you can see from the photos, she really is a study in simplicity.

WoodenBoat did an article on removing problem fasteners a few issues ago. I was surprised that the method I use was not covered. As those of you who have built boats with epoxy know, screws frequently break during attempted removal. Next posting will cover this in detail.

BTW - I was unable to get all four sheerplank sections out of a single 10' sheet of plywood. I missed by about 1 1/4". Sheet goods tally to plank the hull - 3 sheets @ 4'x8', 2 sheets @ 4'x10'.

She is coming off the set-up and out of the loft a bit before I am truly ready. One of my co-workers has a cold-molded Firefly that needs a new centerboard trunk. I can't hog the loft, so it's down to the main floor for Dark Secret.

In the meantime, I am enjoying a second glass of whiskey. Enjoy the photos.