Saturday, April 10, 2010

Closing in...

She is really starting to come together. I have both outer stems in place (not in the photos taken outside), and I am laminating the rangs this weekend. Rails are fitted and need final shaping.

As promised in the last entry, I have posted "side-by-side" photos of the stern of a traditionally built faering and that of Dark Secret. Be aware that you are looking at the rudder in the photo of the traditional boat, that is NOT a skeg. The hollow in the garboard is clearly seen. Compare that shot to the one of Dark Secret. Obviously the hollow is not nearly as pronounced (there is quite a bit more than what shows in the photo, but I couldn't get the angle right). It doesn't seem like that big a deal, but ask any lobsterman about the difference in a "built-down" boat versus a "skeg-built" boat. Motion, comfort, load-carrying ability, and speed are all affected by this seeming small difference in hull shape. I say it again, it is my belief that the inability to coerce compound curves into sheet planking stock is likely to be the prime contributor to the presence of the skeg as drawn by Mr. Atkin.

For your viewing pleasure (and just in case the photo I used is protected by copyright), here is a link to the site from whence the photo came. It is a Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation listing page:

Note that there is no lateral plane offered on this boat, other than the batten keel.

Moving on, I have had a couple of inquiries on the terms of sale for Dark Secret. As a rowing boat, finished in desired colors, outfitted with bow and stern bouyancy bags, anchor, manual bilge pump, and one pair of 9' Shaw and Tenney oars, the asking price is $8,000. As a sailing boat, all of the above plus spars, sail, rudder (with custom cast hardware), and standing and running rigging, the asking price is $12,500.

I was only half joking in the previous entry about trades. My wife and I are in the process of purchasing an antique home in Thomaston, Maine that needs major attention. We will need, and are open to trades for any of the following:

Ladders, staging, scaffolding
Stationary power tools (table saw, joiner, planer; already have dust collection and portable power tools)
Tractor/mini-excavator with back hoe

Other items will be considered. Interesting vehicles (two- and four-wheeled), 17-22' center-console skiff (an 18' Tripp Angler would be ideal), diesel inboard launch 25' or smaller. These items can (and probably should) be "projects" to be considered for trade.

Marine art, artifacts, and antiques, musical instruments (vintage synthesizers, small grand piano [no uprights, please], electric and acoustic guitars and bass guitars). If you think you have something I might be interested in, let me know.

Unfortunately, I can't do an outright trade. Any trade will have to come with some cash. There are bills to pay.

Hull should be largely complete as of the next posting. I'll be moving on to the sole, inwales, and thwarts.

Stay tuned.