Friday, May 28, 2010

For your viewing pleasure...

While I finish up the work at the drafting table and the tiresome math associated with the next post, here is a quick update to show current status.

Everything is in "first coat." I had to re-stain the sheer plank. As soon as I touched it with 180 grit, it got way too blotchy to do anything but go backward as far as I needed to. I rolled on two coats of Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss (no sanding required if re-coated within 72 hours) to get enough thickness to sand for further build-up. Note that the stem heads are not stained, nor are the rails. I will stain and seal these parts when the inwales are complete.

Batten keel is pretty much wrapped up, ballast is going on next. I'll build a cradle and lower her for fitting of inwale, sole (thanks Crocker's Boat Yard for the white cedar), and thwarts.

The only other update I can think of is that I placed an ad in the upcoming (June 15th) issue of WoodenBoat magazine.

We are going to Maine this weekend. I will assist in the launching of my father-in-law's boat and then I will be blissfully boat-free for the rest of the long weekend. Just kidding. I'll be chomping at the bit by noon on Sunday to get back to the project.