Sunday, February 6, 2011

As if I need more to worry about...

Once again, this newest post has very little to do with any real progress on Dark Secret. We are due to close on the Thomaston house early next week. We've been hustling to pull together a bunch of loose ends related to that undertaking, and I continue to do a couple of small side projects to bring in a little bit of extra funding. This will be my last chance to do that for quite a while. Between shoveling snow, putting food on the table, and getting all of the other things handled that need attention, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Dark Secret's rig is progressing. I'm nearly done with rounding the mast and getting out the other two spars. I have finalized a design for the rudder hardware, and have sourced oarlocks that are more appropriately sized for the task at hand. They'll get ordered when I have a couple of nickels to rub together.

In order to keep from going insane, I have been thinking about the next boat to build. I have it down to a very short list of two possibilities. One of the candidates is Pete Culler's "Gracie," a 15'6" work boat designed for the Concordia Company, and the other is shown in this posting. It's William Garden's design # 683. It appears in his "Yacht Designs II" as "24' 6" Canoe Ketch." I ordered plans from Mystic Seaport, and the more I study them, the more I love this boat. She's got a wholesome aesthetic, and a (relatively) high-performance bottom. Mr. Garden makes a few remarks about the rig in the commentary that accompanies the study plan in the book. The boat was designed for an area "with lots of wind." He suggests that a short bowsprit and longer mizzen boom, or the taller main as drawn can be fitted for other areas. I have a rig from a 19' Corinthian that will work wonderfully for the main, and a Widgeon, or similar sailing dinghy, will provide the mizzen. The fractional rig from the Corinthian will necessitate a bowsprit and a longer mizzen boom to put the center of effort where it is shown.

I've been working on a model of her and the stern is a beautifully executed bit of design work. I'll post a photo when the planking is done.

This time last year I was preparing to pull Dark Secret off the building jig. I thought I'd have been done with all of the remaining details by now. Oh,well...